Our attitude towards Environment and People is to integrate economical efficient operations completely in our work process, based on the highly European Standards. All our operations are fully licensed, certified and monitored through our HSQE Department. In our approach to avoid environmental damage we focus on the five topics as mentioned here under.

    Asbestos Removal

    All ships built before 2000 are polluted with asbestos and it can be found everywhere on board. As specialist in removal of this hazardous material, we provide full chain supply in ship dismantling. We also remove asbestos on operational ships, thus upwarding the value of your ship. Following the Highly European standards, all risks are secured. Asbestos is dangerous, but in our hands completely safe and handled with care.

    HazMat expert

    An important issue while dismantling ships is the correct handling of hazardous materials. Our experienced HazMat experts can determine all hazardous materials. All materials are entered in our own developed computerized system. All materials will be sorted in quantities, qualities and sorts. This information is not only used for dismantling but also valuable to 'Green Passporting'.


    Our globally set up for ship dismantling sites are being prepared to be fully licensed and certified, which will end up in an official SRF. Due to this certification all our facilities will apply to international labour laws and recommendations, whether or not such laws are currently enforced in the countries concerned. These sites are located in strategically areas throughout the World and can be used for all sizes of ships, but also for platforms.

    Green Passport

    Within 3 years all seagoing ships will have to show their green passport to enter ports. Green Passporting is one of our key activities, used for our demolishing ships, but is also a service for third parties. Demolior can certify your ship into a 'Green Passport' Ship. Our efficient computerized process assures a report without delay, so you will sail problem-free in the future.

    Scrap Value

    Due to our stepwise approach to ship dismantling we are able to send scrap anywhere in the world as a highly certified secondary commodity. Demolior monitors the re-useable scrap and equipment of every dismantling job, to contribute to the maximal reuse of materials and to economical efficient operations. Revaluing your scrap is also one of our services.

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